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These currency charts use live mid-market rates, are easy to use, and are very reliable. Notes – Notes, todo list, and memories Flutter App Template The purpose of ʺNotesʺ app is to take notes, todo list and memories, this app is made with Flutter and ready to use app template. After Implementing the above code, the design of the activity_main.xml file looks like this. It is very easy to use and has a very simple to use interface. We aim to complete all our conversions in under 10 minutes. Eye-catching design, easy installation, fastest customer support.

With iMazing Converter, you can capture HEIC photos and HEVC videos and easily convert them to legacy formats when needed. Currency has been the #1 currency converter for iPhone since 2008, launching as one of the first 500 apps in the App Store. Even though smartphone technology enables you to convert files from one format to another, converting files on smartphones still occupies RAM and the app itself needs space. The best way is to convert files on the computer and then transfer them to smartphones.

Add your own app icon and branding, then configure push notifications and other features to optimize your app. Preview your app instantly in our browser-based simulators or download to test on a physical device. ChrisPC YTD Downloader MP3 Converter is a tool that downloads audio tracks from YouTube, which is not possible with most YouTube downloaders. Video DownloadHelper Companion App is a video software by

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Both operating systems have relatively the same functionality and you can host your app on both platforms if you choose. Other than the number of users that each system has, the main difference between the two is the coding format. Android uses APK files while iOS uses .ipa which is an iOS-specific file. Website Converter – is a free online software to convert a website to a mobile app in less than 10 minutes. To convert your website to a mobile app, you need to enter the URL of your website, select social tabs, enter the app name, and upload your icon. Converting a website to a mobile app requires no knowledge of coding.

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Quite similar to the iOS one we just discussed, here is a My Currency Converter app for Android users. It shows exchange rates for 130 currencies and is super useful when traveling or making online purchases. Users can get instant conversion rates with custom fields, live charts, and a history of conversion from 1 week to 1 year. It works offline, so users can convert to multiple currencies in one go, even in airplane mode. Hands down, the best video format for Android in 2022 is MP4.

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You can edit the document, save it, and share it with others.It offers an… Video Converter/Video Compressor – VidCompact is a free video file conversion app. Convert video files to MP4, crop or cut longer files and more with this… The XLS Excel to PDF Converter is a very powerful and easy-to-use easy app conversion tool for converting Excel documents into PDF documents. Free MP4 to MPG Converter provides users with a fast and efficient means to modify an existing MP4 file into the common MPG format. File Converter is a utility application created by an independent developer named Tichau.

All Android phones can already do a decent job of converting units. It’s just one of the many things you can do with Google Assistant. Despite its name, Unit Converter Pro isn’t the premium version of a free app.

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By converting its service into a mobile app, Blue Apron has made it even easier for customers to explore new recipes, save their favorite recipes, and manage their accounts. Since Android and iOS apps use different code variations, you may have to decide whether or not to design your app for Android or iOS users. One option is to create a mobile app for your website instead. This way, you keep your desktop version the same while offering a mobile variant that’s more user-friendly.

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Overall, the app is a pretty powerful unit conversion app that is a must-have if you deal with conversion often. WTB was born out of frustration with existing world clock apps, online meeting and time conversion tools. Most of them have given up on providing quality business tools and on delighting their users. Apps like XE have a broader scope as compared to other currency conversion apps on this list. Such apps also allow users to send and receive money from global payment merchants. With this feature, they have an additional method to generate revenue.

  • If you can’t get online for whatever reason, that’s clearly going to be a major plus point.
  • Either with a custom message on the cart page or if they hover over the converted prices, they’ll be able to still see the original prices.
  • Preview your app instantly in our browser-based simulators or download to test on a physical device.
  • With rising technology, we want everything on our phones.
  • Sometimes, less is more, and that could well be the case with Unit Converter.
  • Convert a website to a mobile app with social media tabs.
  • Due to globalization and the differences in metrics and the imperial system, we will always have situations where we need to do unit conversion.

It allows you to make customized graphics, edit photos, and even edit short videos on your phone. If you’ve got this far, chances are you’re moving towards app development. However, we should note that not every website requires a mobile app. If your website is already mobile-friendly, you may not need an app to improve your customer experience. In that case, a mobile app just may be extra work that might not pay off if more users simply prefer your website. The mobile market is full of unique devices, including multiple types of smartphones and tablets.

It is because I could not find any app maker for converting websites to apps for iOS in zero cost, unfortunately. As with the desktop platforms, these apps will be packaged in the platforms’ native formats, for example, “.apk” for Android. CamScanner is a free Android app that you can use to convert any image to PDF. The images can either be those on the device or photos of documents. The app goes further, allowing users to take photos of documents, crop the photos, and then convert the image to PDF. You can easily then share the resultant PDF from directly within the app.

And in that capacity, they might work well alongside toolbox apps that enable you to use your phone to take measurements. Unit Converter Ultimate is another reliable unit conversion app that is available via the Google Play Store. The app offers an easy-to-use minimal user interface and can handle any conversion that the user throws at it. There are a few options, no clutter, and you get your conversions done straight and simple. The app boasts no ads, which is another nice feature of this unit conversion app. PDF Photos is a simple to use and highly effective iOS app for the conversion of photos to PDF.

Get it from the Chrome Web Store, Firefox Add-ons, Edge Add-ons, or Opera Add-ons. Forex Currency Rates is a simple app to help with daily currency conversions. It is an ideal application for travelers and traders who need to access updated forex rates on the go. Let me know your experience with any video converter app you have used below to discuss more.

Calista is the best currency converter app for Windows and Microsoft devices. It’s for professionals, and using it on Windows is excessively convenient. To be precise, Calista shows real-time exchange rates for 72 currencies globally. In fact, Callista also allows users to convert currencies to and from Bitcoin. While mobile apps have revolutionized almost every aspect of personal and professional lives, financial management is a domain that has hit the market big. Fintech apps have not only automated the delivery of such services but have eased money transfers, wealth advisory, and portfolio evaluation.

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Check the currencies and amount are correct, get the expected delivery date, and send your money transfer. Download Free Sink Expenses Tracking Flutter App Template The sink is an app that allows you to track your income and expenses. It is completely made with Flutter which uses Firebase Authentication + Database. Download the app template for free and use it as your own project. Open the SlideshowFragment file and use the code respectively.

If you find yourself over budget, a good place to start is by revisiting your feature list to see which features are essential and which ones you can wait until later to add. Another perk of converting your website into a mobile app is that mobile apps have more access to different features on your phone than a web browser does. This is particularly beneficial if your website isn’t the most responsive on phones or tablets, as you can create an app alternative for mobile users. Our web to app convertor has a vast range of features and customization options to help website owners develop highly interactive and professional mobile apps from their websites instantly. These five are the best unit conversion apps for Android.

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And by following these steps you can convert your website to an application in the simplest way. So, let us see a step-by-step implementation to convert GeeksForGeeks Website into an application. Here, we are going to make an application for the “GeeksForGeeks” website. By making this application we will be able to learn how we can convert a website to an Android Application just by following simple steps. You can use this concept for your personal website too and learn something new. It has very useful text and image editing features including a very powerful OCR feature that can allow you to edit scanned PDFs.

All compatible files in it and its subfolders will be queued for converting. The chosen files cannot be converted to the same target format. Now all of our work is done and the last work is to connect the help activity to the floating button in our application with help of intent in the MainActivity file. Now it’s time to insert WebView in all the fragments, Open fragment_home, fragment_gallery, and fragment_slideshow XML files and use the code respectively. It may not be the best option for converting multiple images to PDF. It can only convert JPG to PDF; doesn’t support other types of images.

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And with that, you will enhance the ease of accessing your website. Users can use the device functions on your websites, such as GPS, camera, and other features. This will produce an improvement on the website and an enhanced user experience.

After installing, you must allow the app to see your files. With rising technology, we want everything on our phones. Video converting is possible on your mobile phone, but choosing the ideal app is necessary. Check out our comprehensive documentation to build basic to the most advanced apps. Access your app and the underlying mobile device directly from your website using the GoNative JavaScript Bridge, a powerful API embedded in your app. GoNative’s expansive library of plugins supercharge your app with access to native device hardware, functionality, and third-party services.

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Type your email address to get a reminder and download link right to your inbox. It can be used to create PDFs in a single-click by simply opening a file in the program. Just email us and we’ll ask our dedicated engineers to take a look for you. We’re always ready to support you if you have any problems with our app.

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GoNative makes it easy to add to add enterprise-class push notifications to your native app with full support for many leading providers including OneSignal. Total Video Converter is an all-in-one piece of video converting and editing software. You can use Total Video Converter to easily convert your video files… What might a website look like when successfully converted into a mobile app? To give you a better sense of where to take your app’s design here are some notable examples of websites converted into mobile applications.

That can mean quite a lot of scrolling, though, so you may want to use the search function. Note, however, it doesn’t accept European spellings such as “centimetre”. You can also edit the units in this list, to change their order or toggle their visibility.

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